Thursday, June 18, 2009

Hectic Reality....

Sorry it's been so has been crazy. Seems like these days life goes by so fast we forget to stop and take the moments in. I'm going to try and hit the highlights......

Thunderbolts Baseballs 7-8 yr old

Geran coached Tyler's 7-8 year-old baseball team. I of course acted as the Dug-out mom, which was bitter sweet. Nine do the Dugger's do it!?! Needless to say, organization was out, but I gave it my best shoot. It wasn't always the most stressfree environment, but where is these days, but I loved being in there. Geran as you can see above was the coach. He really enjoys having this "guy time" with Tyler. It was a great season....We were the WYRA 7-8 yr old champs!!!

Highlight number 2.....New Addition to the Conway House.....Sydney. We got a dog. I say all the time, I wanted a lap dog and ended up with Sydney. She is terrior and beagle mix, and most definatly not a lap dog. She is so very hyper, but the most loving dog ever. She is Alivia's partner in crime. They do everything together; it is really cute.
Those are just a couple highlights since the last time I was on......and that really was a long time ago...Halloween. It's almost Halloween again:) I'm going to try and do better.

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love your photo montoges! they are awsome!