Thursday, October 16, 2008

Fall is Here......

Pumpkin Patch
Nevins Apple Farm
Tyler and Alivia (saying she's bigger)
Geran and I took the kids to Nevin's Apple Farm this past Wednesday. We got Tyler out of school early and made a day of it. Kids definatly make you realize how old you are:) There is nothing better to me than hearing a child having fun. They played until their hearts were content!!!
A very tired Aunt Chrissy and Uncle Geran:)
Alivia had said for the past week that she wanted to ride the hay ride, but after getting there and realizing that the hay ride wasn't running, she decided that she wanted to pick apples. Who knew picking apples was so much work, or that so many apples would fit in one bag. I swear they have the stretchable glad bags:)

Aunt Chrissy and her Angels.

Weather glitch!! I guess I would have known had I watched the weather that is was going to be too hot for pants and long sleeves. I had made Alivia a candy corn outfit and really wanted her to wear it to the apple farm, so bless her heart she was so hot. We had to shed the top I had made and just wear the undershirt after a while. She kept saying "I'm wetting" meaning that she was sweating. "G" and his Alivia and Tyler

I look at Geran with Tyler and Alivia and I am amazed. He has really become accustom to having them around all the time. When they aren't around it's like somethings missing. We had a great time spending time all together Wednesday. We don't get to do that as often as I would like:) The kids with their pumkins.

We didn't actually by the pumpkins. They just had to pick one out to have their picture made with. My sister and Daniel are taking them back on Saturday to get pumpkins, so they didn't need two. It's hard enough to carve two.

Alivia catching some shade in her candy corn outfit

Ever since Alivia was little I have tickeled her feet with my mouth and told her I was eatting her corn. So she loves her candy corn outfit. After we got dressed and were on our way to get Tyler from school, she said do you want to eat my corn. I have corn everywhere:)

Geran helping Tyler pick and apple.

This is what I mean when I say picking apples is hard work. There had been schools at the apple farm all morning, so the only apples left were at the top of the trees. With that being said, Geran's back was killing him by the time we left from picking them up to get every apple. That was all him too, since I can't pick Tyler up that high at all and I was doing good to breathe seeing as we had to walk forever to get to the apples:) It was worth it though. They were both so excited!!

Alivia and her "G"

Tyler was always really close to me. He loved Geran, but never wanted that much to do with him when he was smaller. Alivia however, loves her "G". I am pretty sure that her "G" loves her too:) She is a mess. Everytime she sees him she act like she hasn't seen him in forever. When he gets up in the morning it makes her day. It's sweet!!

All and all we had a great time. We were there for about 4 1/2 hours with 2 hours of that being picking apples. Part of that is my fault as I agreed to let them each have their own apple bag. Those little bags hold a lot of apples:)

Thanks for stopping by to check on us!!!

Much Love



Michelle said...

This is so sweet. Tyler is a little cutie too!

The Skelton Family said...

You look great! It looks like you guys had fun... I can't believe how much Tyler has grown... WE will be home for a week after Christmas. We come in Christmas day and leave around New Years.... we hope to see you.

miss ya-