Thursday, July 30, 2009

Tell Me About it Thursday...."An event in your life that changed your life forever"

Where does the time go....Thursday again and time for Tell Me About It Thursday.

Today's Topic: "An event in your life that changed your life forever"

There have been many events in my life that have changed my life forever....finding Jesus (best choice I ever made:); getting married (also a wonderful choice, not always easy but I'd do it all over again); or the birth of my newphew and my neice (both great events). However the event that I decided to talk about is The day God Choose to Spare My Life; My miracle!!!

A couple of weeks ago I participated in another weekly blog theme where I listed 13 things about myself where #8 was that I was a miracle. Many of you asked here goes.......

October 16, 2006:

The story really starts on April 4, 2006 when I went to work like a normal day and realized that I couldn't feel my legs. Later that day in the neurologist office I was told that I had Guillain-Barré Syndrome that I had gotten from a stomach virus which attached to my nervous system. By the next day I was paralyzed from the neck down. I stayed in the hospital for 2 1/2 months and was released in a wheel chair to learn to walk again.

That leads us to the "Miracle event" in my life. On October 13th 2006, while my husband and I had went out to dinner, which at this time was still a huge deal because I couldn't walk, I had the most overwhelming pain in my side I have ever felt in my life. Feeling bad was something that I had become accustom to, but nothing like this. I told my husband I needed to go home and go to bed. During the night, I spiked a fever of 105 and my heart started feeling like it was flying. It was a Friday and I was determined not to go back to the hospital, so I told my husband I would hold out and go to the doctor on Monday. By Sunday, I couldn't breathe at all. I had to take a breath twice to say one word.

Monday morning I went to the doctor as planned. I was there all of about 3 mins and ended up in the ER, where they discovered that I had threw blood clots to my right lung. Not just one clot but multiple massive clots. Judging from the damage to my lungs; I had thrown the clots on Friday at some point. (I feel like during our dinner). My heart rate was 178 which was stroke range. By 4 that afternoon, I was in ICU not expected to make it thru the night. I remember like it was yesterday a lung doctor standing at the foot of my bed talking with my mom and my husband and telling them he was going to make me an appointment to come to his office in three weeks, but he doubted I'd make it out of the hospital.

Thank God...He had different plans. That will be three years this October. It was that moment that taught me the important things in life. I had spent the past two and half years of my life trying to climb the corporate latter in the accounting field. I had no time for my family or friends. It was in that moment laying in ICU, that I vowed to treasure the things in my life that really matter. To live each day to its fullest. Sometimes life goes so fast that we forget to spend time with the people who mean the most to us, our family and friends. We put off saying things today thinking that we can tell people tomorrow. I now realize that we don't always have tomorrow, so the best time to say what you need to say is today. The best time to stop by and see family or friends is now. I have realized that at your lowest point your family and friends will be there for you.

My favorite definition of love was in an e-mail where a 4 year old was asked what love meant. The child's neighbor was an elderly man who had just lost his wife. When the child saw the man cry, the little boy went over into the man's yard and climbed on top of the man's lap and just sat there. When the boy's mother asked him what he'd said to the neighbor, the little boy said, "Nothing, I just helped him cry". You know sometimes you don't have to say anything to show someone you love them. You just have to help them cry.

Life is too short to worry about the little things in life. The things that don't who's mad at whom or who has the most money. At the end of the day....none of those things matter. What matters most is how we choose to spend the time we have here on earth. I will never forget that day as long as I live. The day I started living....I mean truly living.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Portrait of Words...........Unpredictable Happenings of The Banal family

Unpredictable Happenings of the The Banal Family
Below is a picture of the remaing Banal family two day's before they lost another member. Pictured below is Mother, daughter, and two of the four grandchildren.

Two days after the above picture, Mother Banal was hospitalized in the "crazy house" pictured below.......

Mother Banal's hospitalization happened after she was finally apprehended in a high speed police chase in the car pictured below. I use the word high speed in loose fashion as the speedometer on the car would only reach 55 miles an hour. Mother Banal lead the police on a 3 1/2 hour chase for simply running a red light. To the amazement of the police, Mother Banal's explanation for the chase was simply she always dreamed of being OJ.

That leads me to the only sane member of the Banal family......Biscutt. This is the last known picture of Biscutt since he recently made his escape to freedom.

This is my first Portrait of Words...I have to admit, it's not as easy as I thought to come up with a story:)

10 On Tuesday.....Favorite Sounds

Today's Topic: 10 Favorite Sounds

1. Rain of a tin roof.
2. Waves crashing on the shore.
3. The rolling laugh of a child.
4. The soothing sound of my husband's voice when I feel my world is falling apart.
5. My mom's voice on the other end of the phone.
6. Champagne being opened on New Year's Eve.
7. Fire burning.
8. Thunderstorms.
9. Buzzer at a Basketball Game.
10. Beginning of a Clemson Football Game.

This might be the hardest 10 on Tuesday I've ever done......made me think.

Monday, July 27, 2009

What Makes your Monday.....

Family Bowling Night Makes My Monday

Sunday night bowling once a month was the greatest idea Geran ever had. Geran and I get my sister's kids (Alivia and Tyler) and we go bowling. The kids adore it and well the "big kids" like it too!!

Welcome to another week!!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Wow what Week.......Thanks Tina

Tina over at It May Be A Crazy Life, But It's OUR Life gave me these amazing awards!!! Let me start by saying that if you aren't following Tina you are missing out. Thank you so much Tina...I really appreciate it

Wow what a great week!!! Three blog awards in one week, I am overwhelmed to say the least!! I must admit I need to join Blogging Anonymous. I'm an addict....I have met some amazing bloggy friends. Thanks to all of you who follow me and allow me to follow you. I look forward to your comments and encouraging words:) Thanks bloggy friends and a special thanks to Tina

Here are the rules for the Adorable Blog Award:
1. Include the award logo in your blog or post.
2. Nominate as many blogs which you like.
3. Be sure to link to your nominees within your post.
4. Let them know that they have received this award by commenting on their blog.
5. Share the love and link to this post and to the person from whom you received your award.
I am assuming the rules for the Uplifting Blog Award are essentially the same. Please take a few moments to connect with these wonderful bloggers. I guarantee you will enjoy your time there.
So, without further ado, I give you my nominees:
Hope you all have a great weekend!!

Six Word Saturday......

Today is my first Six Word Saturday!!
Today's Topic: Describe your life (or something) in a phrase using just six words.
My Six Words: Living my dream, and loving it!!!
Hope you all have a great weekend!!!

Friday, July 24, 2009

My Very First Blog Award.....How exciting!!!

How exciting!!! My very first blog award. I am so blessed and excited to recieve the "One Lovely Blog Award" from DSL Kids . Thank you so very much!!!

The rules to receiving this award are to:Accept the award, post it on your blog together with the name of the person who has granted the award, and his or her blog link. Pass the award to 15 other blogs that you’ve newly discovered. Remember to contact the bloggers to let them know they have been chosen for this award.

I am sure you will find these lovely blogs as amazing as I do!!!

My List of "oh so lovely!" blogs . . .

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I hope that you will go and check out this lovely blogs!!! Have a great weekend!!!

Friday Fill-ins....

This is my first Friday Fill-ins:) These things are harder than you think to fill in. My answers are in black. Yeah for Friday!!!

1. Heartache is not the end of the world.
2. Sitting here, listening to the sound of rain falling, I could take a nap:)
3. Diet Cherry Dr Pepper tastes so good!
4. Sometimes, putting others first is my flaw.
5.The Beach Sunset is breathtaking, really.
6. Well, maybe there is light at the end of the tunnel.
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to Father-in-laws B-day dinner, tomorrow my plans include going to see Harry Potter and Sunday, I want to go to church and lunch with my family!
Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!!!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Tell Me About It Thursday.....Tell me about your childhood

Sandy over at One Day At A Time started a new weekly blog theme called Tell Me About It Thursday!! Sandy has an amazing blog.....check it out!!

Assignment for Week 1-
Tell me something about your childhood/early years.

My childhood.....It seems so long ago somedays:) I had an amazing childhood. I grew up in the small town of Woodruff, South Carolina. When I say small...I mean small. We only had three red lights in our town and you could see all three of them while sitting at the first one:) I have one sister who is a year and 11 months younger than me. I can't say we always got along because God knows we didn't, but it was great having a playmate living in the same house. My sister and I always had our own friends growing up, but they never compared to the friendship we had in each other. We were partners in crime. My sister and I were the only two girls in our neighborhood, so our playmates were all boys. We tortured those boys. The occurance that stands out the most in my mind is playing school. Of course, my sister and I were the teachers. On this particular day there was only one friend over playing with us. His name was Kyle. Kyle was amazing....he was like the brother my sister and I never had. He would walk with us to the store at the end of the street, because we weren't allowed to go by ourselves. My parents must have thought Kyle was a great bodyguard. I'm sure after this day they changed their mind. We were playing in the back yard and for whatever reason Kyle had gotten in trouble during "school" that day. So my sister and I put him in the corner (where the chimney of our house met the back of the house). My sister and I went on about playing school. I don't know how long it was before my mom came outside to find Kyle crying in the corner wanting to go home. I mean there was our "bodyguard" crying, scared to get out of the corner. The guy who was suppose to protect us from all the imaginary bad guys my parents thought exsisted between our house and store, scared to get out of the corner. My sister and I got in so much trouble.....I still to this day don't know why we got in trouble. I mean he just lived next door; he could have walked home anytime he wanted to.

Looking back now I realize that when we are younger we wish our childhood away. We always want to be older, because of whatever "great" thing we think that age holds in store. Only to reach that age and want to be a different age. Now I think......what would I give to be 5 again and my biggest problem be getting in trouble for putting Kyle in the corner.

Happy Thursday!!!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

10 on Tuesday.....10 Favorite Places to Eat

10 on Tuesday is hosted by......

10 Favorite Places to Eat
1. Grille 225 (Charleston, SC)
2. Cracker Barrel (Anywhere)
3. Mutts BBQ (Simpsonville, SC)
4. Moes (Anywhere)
5. Ruby Tuesdays (Anywhere)
6. Wild Wings (Greenville, SC)
7. Trios (Greenville, SC)
8. Resturant O (Greenville, SC)
9. Cheeseburger in Paradise (Greenville, SC)
10. McDonalds (Anywhere)
These are just a few of my favorite places to eat!!! Happy Tuesday!!
It's been a while since I was on here....sorry about that.....been on vacation!!!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Ten on Tuesday...10 Favorite Songs of the 80s

Ten on Tuesday is hosted by

Today's Topic......10 Favorite Songs of the 1980's

1. When Doves Cry...Prince

2. Electric Slide....Marcia Griffiths

3. Like a Virgin ....Madonna

4. Mickey.....Toni Basil

5. Billy Jean...Michael Jackson

6. Thriller....Michael Jackson

7. Push-It....Salt N Pepa

8. (Let's Get) Physical....Olivia John Newton

9. She Works Hard for the Money....Dona Summer

10. Bad...Michael Jackson

I'm sure I left some out!! Happy Tuesday!!


The Queen's Meme....Blogging Outside the Box

This is a new Meme that I was invited to participate in......

This meme is all about using your imagination. Free your inner blogginess. Step outside the proverbial blox (that's blog + box for all you non-blog speakers). Answer these ridiculous situational questions and post them on your own blog. Here's the situation for today. We won't tell a soul. And remember: Don't end up in the dungeon.

1. You are in court. You are in deep doo-doo. What did you do? ('Cause if you want, I might could talk to the judge and get your sentence reduced to Bloggingham dungeon time.)
I told the Queen to stop being so whinny and put on "her big girl panties and deal with it". Who knew you couldn't be honest with the Queen.

2. Your blog just became a best-selling book . What is the title of your book ?
Bitter Sweet Moments: A Snapshot into the Bitter Sweet Journey of Life

3. It is midnight. The phone rings. It is Michael Jackson calling from the Great Beyond. What would you like to ask him?
Were you really guilty?

4. You are having your future told. The fortune teller looks in the crystal ball, screams and leaves the room in fright. What did they see?
The Bitter Sweet Reality of my Life.

5. You're blogging along minding your own blusiness (that's blog + know) when Google unexpectedly puts a Objectionable Content Warning on your blog. Your own mother is afraid to enter! What, pray tell, did you do to warrant it? How did this happen? Do you think you deserve it? Just how objectionable are you? Do tell.
I'm having trouble with this one...I'll have to come back to it;)

6. You suddenly become God Of The Universe. What would your first Commandment be?
Thou shall not wear a string bikini if you are over a size 8. (Just got home from the beach....this concept always amazes me)

7. And finally, what secret would you like to tell the Queen?
Not to worry. What happens in Bloggingham, stays in Bloggingham.
That I dream of having her job:)

Ok so I must confess this was kinda hard for me. I am very crafty, but apparently not when it comes to fiction writting:) Happy Tuesday!!!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Friend Makin Monday.....Favoirte TV shows

Kasey the creator of Friend Makin' Monday is on vacation so she asked

to host FMM today!!! So today's topic is........

List 5-10 of your favorite things! These can be things you think everyone must have, a collection of things you have, or some product or miracle invention that has changed your life (yeah I am a little dramatic)'s YOUR list of favorite things...

So I'm going to make a list of my Favorite TV Shows:

Greys Anatomy
Love this show!!! I think this would have to be my favorite. Can't wait for the new season:)
I really like American Idol too. It always amazes me how willing people are to make a fool out of themselves to be on TV. I love Simon too....I mean I need him to go around with me in my everyday life. Just to tell people exactly like it is. I mean how great would it be to be able to say.....just because they make string bikinis in a size 40 doesn't mean you should wear them. I'm not a small person myself, but I do cover up my extra:)


I really like House too. I probably have a House addiction. The idea of a pill poppin that was just brilliant:)

Brothers & Sisters

This show allows me to hold on to the fact that maybe my family is normal!! Who knew another family (even if it's made up) could have as much Drama as my family:)

I watch all of the CSI's but I like CSI Miami the best. This show makes me wonder about our society...I mean you know they didn't create those ways of tracking down murders, which means the technology on these shows really exsist. That means that if we really tried.....Murders would actually be caught.

This is just a snapshoot into "my weekly TV guide". I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!! Happy Monday!!


Thursday, July 9, 2009

Thursday Thirteen........Who Am I?

1. Christian....I think this shapes the rest of who I am.
2. Wife....I am the wife to a wonderful man that I am more than grateful to call my husband, best friend, and partner.
3.Aunt...........I am the aunt of two beautiful little ones, Alivia (3) and Tyler (8), who are the center of my world.
4.Daughter............I am the daughter of two amazing parents who any child would be lucky to call their own.
5.Friend......I have an amazing group of friends that support me in everything I do.
6.Designer.....I am the designer of children's clothes inspired by Alivia.
7.Accountant....I am an accountant by trade, but have been blessed to be a stay at home Nanny to Alivia for the past three years.
8.Miracle.....For those of you who doubt....I'm living proof. I medically should have been dead twice in the last three years, but yet here I am.
9.Lover of Life..... I am a lover of life. I find ways to keep myself busy, yet envy those who find time to stop and smell the roses.
10. Realist
11. Shy....The most talking I ever do is on my blog:)
12. Analytical....This one drives my husband crazy sometimes:)
13. Cry Baby.....I love a good cry.....The sappier the movie or book the better for me. I love drama as long as I'm not in the middle of it:)

When I started....I thought I'll never come up with 13 things. Now they just keep coming:) Thanks for stopping by. Happy Thursday!!!


Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Wifey Wednesday...Go 3 for 3....

Todays Wifey Wednesday comes from Christie at Garden of Holiness.

Todays topic is ...................

3 Things to Keep in Mind

1. You picked him.

2. You can't change him.

3. You didn't marry a girl.

1. You picked him.

How ture is that!?! In one way or another we all picked who we ended up with. We may not have realized that all the things we thought were cute while we were dating we going to end up getting on our nerves, but we did know they existed. I mean come on....did you really think he was gonna start putting the seat down just because you married him? Or that just because your married now...he's not going to still be a mama's boy? Not.......I mean after all he was that way when you picked him!!! Reguardless of what flaws he has at some point you most have thought he was a good catch.

2. You Can't Change Him.

This is oh so ture. I mean while there are probably things about my husband I would love to change, there are probably that many things about me that he would love to change too. But if you stop to think about we really want to change them. I mean all those qirky little things that drive us crazy do help to make up who they are. After all there was a point in time when we thought those things we cute. The same things that now drive us crazy. What's the point in changing someone into what you want them to be if it means them not being who they are? When you try to put someone in a box, eventually that box starts to suffacate them and they want out. I don't want my marriage to be the box that my husband wants out of. I want him to feel like it's a place where he is safe and free to be himself.

3. You didn't marry a Girl.

This makes me think of the Book "Guys Are From Mars, Girls Are From Venus ". Someone gave me this book as wedding gift. I laughed when I opened it, but about 5 months after being married I found myself reading it. It was like I woke up and thought I married an alien:) I'm just kidding, but it really did help me understand the way men think about things.

I have heard many women say that they "wear the pants" in their relationship. I thought being married was a partnership. In a partnership both individuals work together toward a common goal. That is how I try to look at things in my marriage. I'm not saying I'm always successful, because God knows there are times that I just want to be right. I don't want to plead my case, I just want what I want (don't judge you know you are same way sometimes). So I guess it would be fair to say in those situations I want to "wear the pants". I guess I'm lucky because Geran is good about letting me have my way in those times. But just like he lets me have my I also let him have his too. I guess that's what makes our "partnership" work.


Tuesday, July 7, 2009

10 on Tuesday........

10 Things that Turn You Off About People
1. Not telling the truth. I can't stand it when people aren't honest.
2. Acting like they are better than everyone else. This probably ties with my number one. In my opinion there no one is better than anyone else; we all put our pants on one leg at a time.
3. Smoking. This use to not bother me so much, but since I have been sick and have such a hard time breathing, I just can't understand doing something that ultimately is going to make it harder for you to breath.
4. Bad Hygiene.
5. Being a Bully. I guess I need to explain this.....I can't stand people who make themselves feel better by making others feel bad about themselves.
6. Fake People. I like to call this Prada Taste on a Walmart Budget.
7. Rude People.
8. Ladder Climbers. This is what I call people who only want to be friends with you because of what they stand to benefit from you both socially and professionally.
9. Dirty Hands. This could probably fall under my hygiene complaint, but this one drives me crazy. Unless you work on cars, you can get your hands clean:)
10. Know it Alls. I cannot stand it when someone thinks they know all there is to know about everything!!!
Happy Tuesday!!!


Monday, July 6, 2009

Friend Makers Monday.......

Todays FMM is being hosted by Kelli over at while Kasey is out of town. The topic for this Monday is......
Tell us about your BFF...where did you meet, was it BFF at first sight, how long have you been friends, etc.
What makes him/her your BFF...what is it about this person that makes him/her so special to you?
My BFF......Geran!!

Geran isn't only my best friend his is also my husband which probably seems a little cliche. He hasn't always been my husband however. Geran and I have been best friends since the 9th grade which seems like forever ago these days. He moved here from Arizona that year, and we were in the same homeroom. We were instantly friends, and stayed that way for many years. Everyone said that we would end up married, but we (well I) never saw it that way. He was just my very best friend. The one I told everything and complained about all the people I was dating or whatever. It wasn't until I was in college that things started to change. He went to Clemson and I went to Presbyterian College, which put us about 1 1/2 hours away from each other. So one weekend, I ramdomly called. I needed a "date" at the last minute for the homecoming game, so I called and to my amazement he had come home for the weekend. So of course he came to my rescue once again. We stayed up all night that night talking. For the next 3 weeks, he came home every weekend, and we did all the crazy things we used to do. Went to carnivals, football games, or just went to the movies. Three weeks from the time I needed him to come to my rescue, we were walking around the PC campus and went to my favorite place.....the duck pond. I remember it like it was yesterday. I was sitting on the side of the bridge. I knew he sounded way to serious, but I couldn't figure out why. He ask me to stop feeding the ducks for minute, because he needed to ask me something. So I turned around thinking he was going to tell me about someone he was dating or wanted to date. However to my amazement he was talking about me. He said that he had tried for 8 years not to love me. He had tried to just be friend, to listen and be there, but at the end of the day he wanted more. He loved me more than ever thought possible. To be honest, I don't think I said anything that night. I caught me so off guard, but I knew in my heart I loved him too. For that day on, we were together all the time. A year later we were engaged and a year after that we were married. He is still my best friend even today:)

My other BFF....My Mom AKA Nana!!!

Ok, so I'm sure that both of my BFF's fall into the cliche category!! But I couldn't leave my mom out. My mom and I haven't always been what I would consider close. During the teenage years when you know it all, we were anything but close. Even in those times of my smart mouth (don't judge, you know you had one too:), disobedience, and just being a typical teenager, my mom was always there. To me that is the definition of a true friend....being there even when you don't deserve to have them. That makes my mom a perfect match for being my BFF!!!

I hope you all have a wonderful Monday!!!