Monday, October 19, 2009

Friend Makin Monday.......

This weeks Friend Makin Monday is hosted by {ae filkins} for all the OMG moments in life . Stop by and check out her blog to play....while you are there take a look around.

Today's Topic: The Things that make you Happy in Life

My Family:

My Hubby

My Niece and Nephew

Mom and Dad

My sister


Clemson Football:

The Beach:

That is a snapshoot into the things that make me happy....I had to make myself stop my list:) Have a great Monday!!!


Ave said...

My niece and beach make me happy too :)

shortmama said...

Loved all the pictures! I have a bunch of things that need to be sewn ya know if you arent busy and all LOL

Just A Mom (Call me JAM for short) said...

Your post and pictures made ME SMILE! Happy Monday!

.:: b e k k a h ::. said...

great list! i love the ocean. also, your sewing pics reminded me of when my mom used to make my clothes when i was little :]
happy FMM!

Just Breathe said...

Those are excellent reason. Really cute pictures too!

The World As I See It said...

Gotta love football even if you don't like my teams!!!! Football usually makes my weekends great!

Divine Mrs D said...

Your list is great! And that's awesome that you can sew! Happy FMM :)

Cassie said...

Great list! Did you sew that reindeer outfit? It is adorable!

croleyc69 said...

Love it !!!!! Thanx for sharing !!

Carrie said...

Love your list! And I will let the Clemson one slide this time lol

Have a great day

Go Dawgs!


Katie Lane said...

Your family is so cute!! I wish I could sew, I need to learn one of these days.