Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Wifey Wednesday...Go 3 for 3....

Todays Wifey Wednesday comes from Christie at Garden of Holiness.

Todays topic is ...................

3 Things to Keep in Mind

1. You picked him.

2. You can't change him.

3. You didn't marry a girl.

1. You picked him.

How ture is that!?! In one way or another we all picked who we ended up with. We may not have realized that all the things we thought were cute while we were dating we going to end up getting on our nerves, but we did know they existed. I mean come on....did you really think he was gonna start putting the seat down just because you married him? Or that just because your married now...he's not going to still be a mama's boy? Not.......I mean after all he was that way when you picked him!!! Reguardless of what flaws he has at some point you most have thought he was a good catch.

2. You Can't Change Him.

This is oh so ture. I mean while there are probably things about my husband I would love to change, there are probably that many things about me that he would love to change too. But if you stop to think about we really want to change them. I mean all those qirky little things that drive us crazy do help to make up who they are. After all there was a point in time when we thought those things we cute. The same things that now drive us crazy. What's the point in changing someone into what you want them to be if it means them not being who they are? When you try to put someone in a box, eventually that box starts to suffacate them and they want out. I don't want my marriage to be the box that my husband wants out of. I want him to feel like it's a place where he is safe and free to be himself.

3. You didn't marry a Girl.

This makes me think of the Book "Guys Are From Mars, Girls Are From Venus ". Someone gave me this book as wedding gift. I laughed when I opened it, but about 5 months after being married I found myself reading it. It was like I woke up and thought I married an alien:) I'm just kidding, but it really did help me understand the way men think about things.

I have heard many women say that they "wear the pants" in their relationship. I thought being married was a partnership. In a partnership both individuals work together toward a common goal. That is how I try to look at things in my marriage. I'm not saying I'm always successful, because God knows there are times that I just want to be right. I don't want to plead my case, I just want what I want (don't judge you know you are same way sometimes). So I guess it would be fair to say in those situations I want to "wear the pants". I guess I'm lucky because Geran is good about letting me have my way in those times. But just like he lets me have my I also let him have his too. I guess that's what makes our "partnership" work.



Leslie said...

Stopping by from SITS to say hello! Love the post. All so true. My daughter is 25 and I'm always telling her, whatever you think is cute and quirky about him now, is going to drive you crazy later! She doesn't believe me...

Oh well, we all live and learn.

Genny said...

Fun spot you have here! Thanks for popping by my blog today!

Eve said...

Are you sure I can't change him? I've been trying and trying and I just know a breakthrough is right around the corner! ;)
I really wouldn't want to change much about my husband - and the few things I would, well... we can't all be perfect, I suppose.

Great points - and good things to keep in mind.

HaB said...

I loved your post!!

What hit me the most was when you said "I don't want my marriage to be the box that my husband wants out of. I want him to feel like it's a place where he is safe and free to be himself." Because, that is EXACTLY the way I feel about my marriage. Well said...really. Well said.

Spirit Jump said...


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Star Forbis said...

Thanks so much for stopping by my Blog today on Summer reading. You have a way cute Blog!

Lisa said...

Thanks for stopping by! Your blog is so adorable!! So hysterical too!

thatgirlblogs said...

I love that final cake topper!

nikki said...

men are from mars, women are from venus is a awesome book. i wish all married couples owned a copy.