Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Halloween DSL Style..............

Trick-O-Treating Here We Come

This Monday had pictures made for my Halloween Costumes and my fall and winter wardrobes!! I am so excited about the new pictures.

Alivia the "Witch"
Kyleigh the "Angel"

Alivia the "Ladybug"
Emily the "Bumblebee"
Emily is the newest little model I have. Her mom Michelle actually did my photos. Michelle ordered a Birthday outfit from me in August and since then she and I have become pretty good friends. After a playdate for Emily and Alivia at Niven's Apple Farm, I discovered that Michelle was a great photographer and Emily was a beautiful little model. I love her curls and big blue eyes:)
I am so excited at how my shop has done so far. I have officaly reached 23 sales online. That doesn't seem like a lot, but that isn't counting all the sales that don't run through my website. Thanks to all of you for helping spread the word!!!
As always, thanks so much for stopping by to check on us. We hope all of you are doing great!!! Talk to you all soon.
Much love,

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