Thursday, September 18, 2008

Where does the time go ?!?

Alivia's 3rd Birthday
At Pump It Up

Alivia in her Birthday outfit

Where in the world does three years go? On August 24th, Aunt Chrissy's little princess turned 3. It seems like only yesterday she was born, now she's no longer a baby. She's a little girl, or as she would say she's bigger now with her little hands in the air:) It's amazing how they go from being this totally dependent people to being little individuals. She has her own personality and ways of doing things. She amazes me everyday. Every morning we have our snuggling time. We lay on the couch all snuggled up and watch cartoons (Dora being the show of choice). I cherish every morning, as I know the day will come when she will think she is too big to snuggle.

Both of Aunt Chrissy's Angels watching the safety video.

When it came time for her to choose where she wanted to have her party, she was real sure that Pump It Up was where it had to be. Her big brother had his party there and now she was bigger:) As I think about that statement, I am reminded of my own childhood. We spend our whole childhood wanting to be bigger. Wishing the time away....If only we understood what that meant. With age comes responsibility and the end of innocence. While I want with all my heart I want for her to stay little, I know that isn't possible and I want for her all the happiness in the world. Princess Alivia and Her Cake

Alivia was quit sure when it came time to pick out a cake that she needed a castle (of course Aunt Chrissy agreed what would be more fitting for a princess:). So Aunt Chrissy got the task of making the castle. So Alivia and I went to Michaels and I let her pick out the colors. She said that because Cinderella's dress was blue so was her castle. So I made her a blue castle (made sense to me:).

Below are pictures of the castle cake I made......

Alivia loved that Cinderella was at the door.

From Above

So in the end, Alivia had a birthday fit for a princess complete with a castle. She had a wonderful birthday complete with more toys than any one child should get. Of course she got the baby that Swims that "G" (Geran) promised off of a commercial. I like to never found that baby. It is the neatest thing though. It starts swimming as soon as it touches the water. So needless to say, bath time is Alivia's new favorite time of the day.

As always thanks for checking on us.

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Michelle said...

Who knew you were talented in so many ways. Love the cake and of course Alivia's outfit! Happy Late Birthday Alivia....hope she is feeling better!
See ya'll soon!

The Skelton Family said...

You did a great job in making that cake...boy,you have been putting those creative juices to work! Please keep posting on your blog.... it seems to be the only way to keep up with you! Tell G I said hello! I will be calling you... things have been busy.

Miss ya-